The Quail Hollow Candle Company

At Schrock's Amish Farm

The Gate House

Quail Hollow's primary location at Schrock's Amish Farm is in the Gate House.  Here we offer a wide variety of candles available for purchase including our popular Black Buggy Candle Company line of scented candles and our hand-carved, oil burning, cut n' curl candles.  There is also a wide range of primitives and hand crafts available for purchase.  Live candle carving demonstrations are given at this location year 'round.  Hours may vary by season.  Call 330-231-4543 or visit our website at for more information.


Berlin Craft Mall

Quail Hollow also occupies a large booth at the Berlin Craft Mall.  We have an extensive offering of our cut n' curl candles at this location, in addition to the Black Buggy candles, primitives and Amish hand crafts.  Call Amish Farm Marketing directly at 330-893-3051 for hours of operation at the Berlin Craft Mall.  As always, you may also visit our website at for more information.




Quail Hollow Company History

The company was started back in 1985 by Tee Kurelic. Throughout the years, the company has evolved through many different mediums of art or craft.  Over the last ten years, it has been converted into a candle company and gift shop.  But, it is much more than just a candle company. Our candles are wax carvings of distinction.  Harold Shively, our candle carver has truly turned these candles into a work of art.  Each one is truly unique. No two are exactly alike.  

Our Candles

With the exception of our taper wedding candle, all of our carved candles have been turned into reusable oil lamps.  The wick is fiberglass and with care, can be used over and over again.  A funnel and instructions come in every kit.  We recommend Ultra-PureSmokeless Lamp Oil by LampLight Farms®, as it does not produce unsightly soot stains.  Due to restrictions on shipping flammable liquids, we are unable to sell the oil for your lamp online.  Ultra-Pure is available for purchase in our shop if you are local, or you may find it at any craft store near you.  Our taper candle for weddings has a reusable wax carved base that holds a drip-free taper that can be replaced as needed.

Since our carved candles are in fact oil lamps, it makes it possible to incorporate just about anything into the wax. We often use beautiful hand painted resin figurines that are actually sealed into the wax. The figurines vary from time to time due to availability.

In addition to the oil burning cut n' curl candles, we have The Black Buggy Candle Company to suit the tastes of the Amish and Mennonites.  All of these candles are made with light scents and dye-free wax, in plain black and white tin mugs.  They have become a favorite amongst our Amish and Mennonite friends due to their simplicity.

Regardless which style or line suits your fancy, each and every one of our candles are made by hand either in our candle Factory in Adolphus, Kentucky or at the Gate House at Schrock's Amish Farm in Berlin, Ohio.  We use only the finest waxes and scents to bring you the best quality candle for your home, office, or special occasion.  

A Message from Harold Shively - Our Candle Carver

Hi!!  My name is Harold Shively.  I am the one who carves all of our candles here at Quail Hollow.  As a young child, I got interested in art by doing clay sculpturing.  Then candle carving caught my eye.  First, I had to go to candle carving school to learn the basics, but after that, the sky was the limit.  I took my talent with clay and used the techniques to create my unique carved candle designs, turning candle carving into an art.  

All of my designs are copyrighted Quail Hollow originals and each one is truly unique.  No two are exactly alike.  The variety ranges from Lighthouses, Southwestern, Wedding, Mushrooms, and a wide variety of fancy Cut n’ Curl candles.  I can also put pretty much any kind of figurine you want in my candles because the candle is really a wax oil lamp.  I pull the dipping wick out after carving it, while the candle’s wax body is still hot.  Then I drill a hole in the top and put in a glass jar with a wick.  That is all you light!!!  Due to our durable coating, the candle virtually lasts forever.  Since it is an oil lamp, you can light it again and again and never melt your beautiful candle away.

I will gladly do demonstrations for individuals or tour groups at the Gate House at Schrock's Amish Farm in Berlin, Ohio.  If you want to come and see me work, please call first to make sure I am not traveling.  We appreciate advance notice for large groups. 


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Quail Hollow Candle Factory....  Where wax comes to light!

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