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All of our candles, with the exception of the re-useable tapers or the taper candles themselves, are oil burning candles.  You will never harm your candles if you follow our instructions.  You can enjoy them for many years to come.  Your wedding sets come complete with a re-useable wick, funnel, and instructions.


All of our candles come in a very elegant creamy white.  If you have cream in your wedding, they look cream.  If you have white, they look white. We do not create any of the unity sets in color.  Our candles will be used for years and the décor of your home will change many times.  Making the candles in creamy white ensures years of enjoyment no matter how often you change your décor.


All candles have a glaze finish on them to protect them from dust.  To clean your candle, rinse in cool water under the faucet, or blow your candle off with the cool setting on your hair dryer.


The biggest enemy of these candles is the sun and fingernails. Picking at the candles will ruin the finish and cannot be repaired.  Handle with care as you would any other candle.


** Special Note**  Some Catholic weddings require you to have a regular burning candle.  If your wedding is Catholic, consult your Priest about what is preferred.  If a regular candle is required, we can drill down into your unity so you can place a regular taper in it to burn.  After you are done with the wedding, you can put the oil lamp back in to use at the reception.  Please specify **Catholic** when ordering.


Multi-piece wedding sets include up to 7 different candles for your wedding occasion.  In addition to the center unity candle, these sets may include up to two different size smaller oil lamp candles.  These make excellent gifts for the couple's mothers and the bridesmaids.  If you wish to mix and match sizes, or want a set larger than what is offered on this site, email us for further information.


At time of order, you must furnish your Visa or Mastercard information, your wedding date, and your shipping address (No PO Boxes Please).


Please feel free to email or call us with any further questions.


Our wedding sets will add that extra touch to make that special day truly, a day to remember.


Good luck!

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